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Legal Services

Civil Mediation

Civil Mediation can help each party reach an agreement without going to court. Our trained professionals are committed to turning disputes into understandings. 

Family Law Mediation

In certain situations a neutral third party can help you reach an agreement without going to trial. When dealing with a spouse, child or another family member added in with the emotional stress of the situation you need to ensure that you’re going to be protected. 

At OCRC, we’re dedicated to effectively transforming conflicts into mutual understandings. 

These types of cases include: Divorce, Post Decree Modification (Custody, Visitation or Child Support modification, and Paternity)

Uncontested Divorce

Let OCRC help you complete the divorce process from beginning to end for those divorces in which the parties have agreed on all matters or have used our mediation services to reach an agreement. 

Guardian Ad Litem

Whether it’s a child or you’re caring for a disabled adult both are very real situations.

Guardian Ad Litem, or commonly referred to as GAL, may be appointed to objectively advocate on behalf of the child, or children, and act as an officer of the Court to investigate all matters concerning the best interests of the child. 

It’s imperative that you determine guardianship. Without this crucial step it can be difficult for them to have access to things like: medical care and education. 

OCRC will focus on settling in the best interest of everybody in every situation. 


Parenting Coordinator

A parenting coordinator can resolve and mediate issues that come from visitation disputes, children’s schedules, or other issues relating to the child. 

Get help establishing and making sure your parenting plan is being followed. 

At OCRC we understand high-stress situations and aim to resolve differences so you can focus on the child instead of disputes. 


Let OCRC help negotiate on your behalf. Whether it’s a personal injury case, an accident, or any other issue we’ll make sure your interests are best represented. 

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