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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

How Much Does An Uncontested Divorce Cost?

An undisputed/waiver divorce is $1000 plus the filing fee. If our mediation services are used drafting of the documents would be reduced down to $500 plus the filing fee. OCRC is experienced in all aspects of Conflict Resolution and will help make this difficult time as painless as possible.

How Long Can An Uncontested Divorce Take?

Under Oklahoma law, a divorce cannot be finalized until ten days after filing the Petition with no minor children. If there are minor children, the divorce may not be finalized until 90 days after the filing of the Petition.

What Exactly Is A Parenting Coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is an independent third party that facilities discussion and agreements between parents when they cannot agree. A parenting coordinator is beneficial in those instances in which the parties are at odds and cannot come to an agreement regarding issues involving the minor children, such as:

  • Extracurricular Activities
  • School Placement
  • Religion
  • Visitation Disputes
  • Children’s Schedules
  • Any Other Issue That Has Not Been Legally Agreed Upon

What is A Guardian Ad Litem?

Guardian ad Litem, or commonly referred to as GAL, may be appointed to objectively advocate on behalf of the child, or children, and act as an officer of the Court to investigate all matters concerning the best interests of the child.

Any Other Questions?

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